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The school prepares the students for the AISSE (All India Secondary School Examination) conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.  Our Educational programme  constantly views for innovation and with it, the facilities are being  developed from time to time.  The object is to enable the students not only to gain  an entry to  colleges but to understand how the skills gained can be used in their  future education, career  and in their daily life. The syllabus is of skill & knowledge oriented & is not just the content & memory based. Ample opportunity is given to every child to develop the latent creativity in the form of art, dance &drawing  which are incorporated in the daily schedule.

Text books: 
Text books recommended by DAV Education Board are prescribed for classes upto VIII. For the rest CBSE approved NCERT books are followed.
Medium of Instruction:
The medium of instruction is English. Hindi/ Telugu is taught as one of the major language.  Telugu/ Sanskrit shall be taught as a third language.
Extra Curricular Activities: 
 An array of Extra Curricular & Co-curricular activities complement the academic courses to enrich the life of the school community and to help the students to develop physically, emotionally , Socially & Spiritually.
The following Extra- curricular activities are organized during the CCA period, such as  Art & Craft,  Kuchipudi dance, Karate..
Inter House Activities:
The student community from class I  to  X is divided into four houses and are named after eminent personalities (Dayanand, Hansraj, Vivekanand, Gandhi) who made substantial contribution for the nation. A wide variety of  competitions which includes Elocution, Dramatics, Debate, Quiz, Dancing, Mono action etc… are held to review the inner latent potential of each child. All inter house activities whether in the class room or on the game field are on competitive basis and the points are been awarded for all the activities and competitions including the cleanliness and behaviour.Rolling trophies are also awarded for games &  sports, cultural activities, class room behaviour, conduct etc…


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