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Morning Assembly  
 Morning Assembly and Moral Instructions:
‘Let noble thoughts come to us from every side’.
To instill moral values in the students, each working day in the school starts with the Morning Assembly with recitation of Veda mantras, devotional and patriotic songs and quotations.  Stress is laid on the universal aspects and eternal values of Indian Culture.  Students are introduced to the rich spiritual heritage of Indian Philosophy which transcends the narrow limits of caste, colour, language and creed.  The academic and co curricular activities go a long way in building  up an atmosphere in which young minds get unconsciously exposed to the time honored and universal values of life.  A variety of activities such as conversation, short speeches, quiz etc.. are being conducted in the morning assembly to give the ample opportunity to all the students.  Guests are invited to give speeches  on a variety of subjects such as Good manners, Hygiene and Important Events of day to day life, besides references from the lives of great men.  Every Morning Assembly disperses with the singing of the National song/National Anthem.
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